Arash Khosravi

IBM Professional Data Scientist Certified


About Me

As an engineer I have always had dream to build a world that moves smarter, moves better, and moves forward. After several years of working as a mechanical engineer, I made my decision, and learned coding to join a start-up in the IT field. During that period, I have realized the value of the data and how it can improve human beings life. My motivation and past experiences encouraged me to learn more and more about Data and after doing self-studies joined the BrainStation Data Scientist program to be one step closer to my dream and be a Data scientist. After graduation started to learn more and participated in IBM Course and rewarded to be IBM Professional Data Scientist Certified .

IBM Professional Data Scientist Certified


The skills and softwares:

Python SQL R Hadoop Spark Tableau Scikit-Learn Data Analytics TensorFlow Octave Zeppelin Git
Machine Learning Big Data Natural Language Processing (NLP) Predictive Modeling Neural Networks Cloud Computing Data Visualization Data Mining Google Data Studio Reinforcement Learning Amazon Web Services (AWS) Google BigQuery


I have received a Master degree at Robotic System Complex Engineer from aerospace university, after more than 5 years of experience in Mechanical engineering and 2 years of experience in IT, my passion for data and machine learning carried me through several months of intense studies that were rewarded with a Diploma in Data Science from BrainStation Toronto. My motivation and past experiences encouraged me to learn more and more about Data and completed more than 15 data scientist related course in Coursera and Udemy, which helped me to hold a title of “IBM Professional Data Science Certified”.


Arash Khosravi

IBM Professional Data Science Certified, with years of experience using Python, SQLand R, experience implementing Supervised and Unsupervised Machine learning techniques, Predictive Modeling, Big data development, Cloud computing and Data Mining in an agile methodology environment.


IBM Data Science Specialist


Coursera, Ottawa, ON

Course Certificates Completed:

Data Science Methodology, Open Source tools for Data Science, Python for Data Science and AI, Databases and SQL for Data Science, Data Analysis with Python, Data Visualization with Python, Machine Learning with Python, Applied Data Science Capstone.

Associate Diploma of Data Scientist

2019 - 2020

BrainStation, Toronto, CA

A full-time project-based Diploma program in Data Science,


Machine Learning in Python (scikit-learn, TensorFlow, Keras), Big Data (Spark, Hadoop), Cloud computing (Amazon Web Service), Supervised and Unsupervised learning, Data Analysis and Data Visualization in Python and Tableau, Databases (SQL, MySQL Workbench), Statistical Inference and Model Analysis.

Master of Science at Robotic Systems

2009 - 2011

National AeroSpace university of Kharkov, Kharkov, UA

Designed Automated robots using SolidWorks, Catia.

Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering

2005 - 2009

National AeroSpace university of Kharkov, Kharkov, UA

Engineering and mathematical calculations.

Professional Experience

Data Scientist - Freelancer
2020 - Present

Ottawa, ON

  • Developing different Machine Learning algorithms for different customers.
  • Contributing to design and deployment of data pipelines.
  • Solving the data analytics projects for customers.
  • Scrapping, Wrangeling and preparing datasets for analysis and development.
  • Developing Big Data solutions using Hadoop, Spark and Hive.

Data Specialist

2018 - 2019

Montreal, QC

  • Improved SQL performance speed by 20% through deploying the better and complex queries.
  • Reduced having lost data by analyzing the customers usage behavioral and conducting surveys.
  • Increased the application performance by creating a new databases by using the newest method of Database Architecture development.
  • Analyzed the Google Analytics dashboard data and made graphical insights using Tableau.
  • Reduced having lost data by analyzing the customers usage behavioural and conducting surveys.

Data Team Lead & Co-Founder

2017 - 2018

Tehran, IR

  • Led 9 people in the Data team, taught the new employees to be a part of Data Entry team.
  • Increased 130% of web pages loading time by implementing the automated testing using Python, Selenium.
  • Updated the data analysis insights and recommendations system in an easier way to be understood for the non-technical clients.
  • Improved the efficiency of data entry system by 30% using Agile.

Mechanical Engineer

Ghaynar Khazar
2011 - 2017

Tehran, IR

  • R&D team member for new design creation.

Licenses & Certifications

  • All
  • BrainStation
  • IBM
  • Udemy
  • Others


The projects that I have done, please click on each to check the source code at GitHub.

Customer Clustering

Customer clustering and segmentation on Store data by implementing PCA, K-Mean and Hierarchical clustering

Purchase Prediction

Using DeepLearning and predictive modeling to predict the next customer purchase by analyzing the customer purchase behavior, using TensorFlow

Wine Attributes

This project is to make an insights for WINE dataset in kaggle


Statistical analysis and data visualization, modeling, result interpretation, Looking into trip data form BIXI, Montréal's bicycle sharing system

IBM Certification Project

Propose a best neighborhood in Toronto to start a new specific restaurant.

Object Detection

Live Object detection, using Python, TensorFlow and OpenCV to recognise objects through webcam or videos


Please feel free to contact me for any question.


Ottawa, Ontario, Canada


+1 (514) 717-3161